Finishes to the highest standards

The desire to advance the flow and quality of your finish are the driving forces behind all our research and development.

Using the very latest manufacturing methodologies Lucas ProTools have engineered brushes to give you outstanding coverage with minimal effort, no matter which water based paint you use.

Custom designed in Partnership with DuPont the filament in the brush head will give you a brush finish you might previously had thought impossible.

Advanced sutainability and functionality

In today’s throw away culture the ProGuard represents not just a breakthrough in sustainable design. It is also a leap forward in functionality. A safe keeper for your brush and the high tech filaments coupled with the specially design ProSleeve you will no longer need old carrier bags or film wraps, non-stop washing or the prospect of damaged filaments.

Now your Brush can be kept moist and ready to use between daily jobs, whilst protected when on the move, saving time, water and unnecessary brush replacement costs.

All Lucas ProTools paintbrushes have an individual serial number which you can personally register using the website. Once registered you can arrange to refurbish or re-head your brush meaning that once moulded to the comfort of your hand, you never need break a new handle in again.

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